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Utility Model Nº U201120358
PV concrete spacer is designed to be used in piles, pillars and vertical surfaces. The model consists of two pieces, one concrete wheel, with a wavy edge, and one locking piece that makes easy and fast the collocation at the formworks. Its function is to separate the armors from the formworks allowing a uniform coating and at the same time it avoids displacements during vibration. It is an exceptional spacer in his range and provides quality to the building works.


40 mm

45 mm

50 mm


Concrete that is vibrated, pressed and cured in a controlled atmosphere (temperature and humidity). One or two metal clamps or pieces of polyethylene can also be used to anchor the spacers to the rods.


Rough and irregular for adherence and full integration.


Circular transverse recess which houses a locking device. The products unique design simplifies the installation process during work unlike conventional products.


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