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Industrial Design Nº IO138986F
This concrete spacer for iron armor , is so important in the reticular wrought as in the unidirectional as well, and due to its wavy form the iron in shuttering allowing a very good lap. It is indispensable in the production of armed beams. Due to its undulated form allows perfect separation of the iron inbetween. Through its design, provides the worker with two possibilities, since, on one side accommodates two irons and on the other, can house three This product  is indispensable in th unidirectional waffle slabs as well as in the production of armour beams.
20 mm
25 mm
Concrete, vibration, pressed and cured in a controlled atmosphere (temperature and humidity).
Rough and irregular for adherence and full integration.
Its undulating shape allows the separation of iron together , one side holds two irons and the other three. The usefulness of this model is intended both as.

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