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Vertical Spacer (can also be used in horizontal). Finned ensures a high surface and internal clamps ensure optimum grip round iron even for small diameters.
Spacer Wheel 15…. hasta Ø 8 mm.
Spacer Wheel 20…. hasta Ø 10 mm.
Spacer Wheel 25…. hasta Ø 12 mm.
Spacer Wheel 30…. hasta Ø 14 mm.
Spacer Wheel 35…. hasta Ø 16 mm.
Spacer Wheel 40…. hasta Ø 18 mm.
Spacer Wheel 50…. hasta Ø 20 mm.
Spacer Wheel 60…. hasta Ø 22 mm.
Spacer Wheel 70…. hasta Ø 25 mm.
Made of high strength virgin PP. Design allows use in either vertical or horizontal.
It  doesn´t interrupts the flow of cement and its external teeth minimizes the contact with the formwork. The inner ring allows the anchorage of different diameters iron.

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